Wood Badge – Space Limited!

Wood Badge – Space Limited!

Wood Badge 2016


Leadership is the Bedrock of Scouting!  Wood Badge 2016

What is Wood Badge?

• Wood Badge is Scouting’s PREMIER TRAINING PROGRAM for all adult leaders.
• Wood Badge is LEADERSHIP TRAINING, applicable to all scouting positions.
• Wood Badge is a TOOL FOR IMPROVING all scouting programs, including yours.
• Wood Badge is a six day course, conducted over two three day weekends.
• Wood Badge was started by Baden-Powell who recognized the need for trained leaders.

Topics include Managing Conflict, Communicating, Listening to Learn, Valuing People and Leveraging Diversity, Stages of Team Development, team and individual leadership, Coaching and Mentoring, Project Planning and much, much more.

Why Should I Take It?

Every scout deserves trained leaders.
• You will gain a better understanding of scouting’s programs.
• You will get a MUCH better understanding of leadership and useful tools for the challenges you face as scout leader.
• You will set achievable goals in your primary scouting position.
• You will have fun, make new friends and enjoy your scouting job more.

Many previous participants describe Wood Badge as one of the most enjoyable and meaningful scouting experiences of their lives. Quite likely, you will grow as a human being.

Who may attend Wood Badge?

To attend a Wood Badge course, Scouters must:
• Be registered members of the Boy Scouts of America.

• Have completed the basic training courses for their scouting positions (see What is the required training that I must complete?)
• Have completed the outdoor skills training programs appropriate for their scouting positions (see What is the required training that I must complete?)
• Be capable of functioning safely in an outdoor environment. Current BSA Medical form and current physical is required for all participants. Accommodations can be made to meet the needs of most folks.
• Individuals who have attended old Wood Badge in the past may attend current Wood Badge. Certain conditions apply. Contact the Course Director for details.

What is the required training that I must complete?

This may seem a little confusing, but the gist is that all leaders need to have taken the required training to earn your trained strip for your current primary scouting position. As to “Scouting’s Outdoors Skills Training”, the only positions that require that are Scoutmasters and Varsity Coaches (and their assistants).
• Scouting’s Basis Leader Training Courses:
Leader specific training for:
– Den leaders, Cub Masters, Webelos leaders, Tiger Cub leaders, Pack committee members,
Troop committee members, Scoutmasters, Varsity coaches, Venturing leaders.
– Commissioner basic training for commissioners
District committee training for district committee members
– Council committee training or executive board orientation for council volunteers

Note: “Assistants” take the same training as the primary. i.e. Assistant Cub Master takes Cub Master training.

Note: Previous versions of leader training courses are acceptable prerequisites.

If I send in an application, does that guarantee me a spot in the course?

The first 48 with a deposit or fully paid AND the training prerequisites completed get in. Scouters with incomplete training, or no deposit, or apply when we are over the 48 limit are wait listed. Don’t worry however, we WANT you to be able to take Wood Badge and will let you know if you have a spot, update any wait listed folks, and also refer you to another council’s course if need be. But we welcome you and want you!

I only in my second year as a scout leader and did not do scouts as a youth so I was concerned about having a lack of experience as compared with the other people who would be taking the course. Is that a problem?

On the contrary, I wish every new leader would take Wood Badge as early as possible. Wood Badge is leadership training. It is not a scout craft course. Wood Badge will help you understand what this scouting movement is all about, how the different scouting programs tie together, how you can make a real difference and will provide you with many important and useful leadership tools.

The result that will come is that you will understand your job better. You will be better at your job, which means you will enjoy it more. Since you will be better at your job and enjoy it more, your scouting program will be improved. The better program we offer, the longer the scouts remain scouts. What a great concept!

I thought Wood Badge was only for Scoutmasters. I’m not a Scoutmaster. Can I attend?

YES! Wood Badge is for ALL scout leaders in ALL positions. The national syllabus was updated in 2001 to reflect the latest business models for leadership training. We call the course Wood Badge.
We encourage women and men of all ages to participate and reap the lifelong benefits of Wood Badge.

There is still a lingering perception that Wood Badge is a “Scoutmaster Course”.

The “old Wood Badge” was primarily aimed at Scoutmasters. Current Wood Badge is predicated on the position that we all participate in teams and the fact that we are ALL Leaders. We are members of teams; we lead teams. Some are long term teams and some are short-lived single purpose teams. How do teams develop? What leadership style is best used at the various stages of a team’s development? What characteristics do the best performing teams have? Clearly, these concepts and many others are not limited to Scoutmasters. Also these skills and concepts are not limited to scouting!

What are tickets?

Participants in the course will be asked to “write a ticket”. A “ticket” is a set of (5) goals related to your primary scouting position. Each participant will create a “Vision”, a picture of future success, and choose (5) goals that lead towards that vision. It is your vision for leadership success, in your position, in your unit. You write 5 goals (called ticket items) to get you to the successful completion of your vision. You use the leadership skills learned in Wood Badge to complete your goals and you have 18 months to do it in. This is practical application of what you learned. This is a tangible benefit. There will be a lot of discussion about this during the course.

I took the “old Wood Badge”. Can I take “Current Wood Badge”?

Yes. Beginning in 2006, individuals who have attended old Wood Badge in the past may attend current Wood Badge. Certain conditions apply. Contact the Course Director for details.

Both weekends are required:

February 19-21, 2016 at YLTC in San Leandro

March 12-14, 2016 at Rancho Los Mochos

$250 if paid by January 20, 2016.

All costs inclusive in registration fee

Online Registration Accepted Until: 2/18/2016 6:00:00 PM

To register: click here

Contact Email: sfbacwoodbadgecd@gmail.com

After 1/20/2016 a fee of $15.00 will apply.


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