Important Council Information – Revised 2/23

Important Council Information – Revised 2/23

As you may be aware, the last couple of years have been challenging for SFBAC.Several organizational issues, combined with the retirement of Ken Mehlhorn (SFBAC executive) have set into motion automatic executive board discussions. 

On March 5, the executive committees for Alameda, SFBAC, and Mount Diablo Silverado councils came together to discuss these issues. At this meeting the combined committees approved an intent to merge the three councils. The process moving forward looks like:

  • March 18 – will be town hall meetings for volunteers to voice their opinions
  • April 23 – the final postmarked vote by mail for CORs and Council Committees
  • May 1st – target date for completion of the merger

The proposed name for the new council is: Golden Gate Area Council.

There will obviously be some changes to the council level programs, and some realignment of council employees. The professional staff and volunteers in all three councils will be working to make these changes as smooth and transparent to your unit as possible.

In the meantime, your unit will continue to meet and run its program as usual. There should be no interruption to the great service we are providing our young people.

While more information will be provided in the near future, do not hesitate to contact your Unit (or District) commissioner or District Executive with any questions you may have.

Twin Valley District Commissioner