District Committee

Position Name Email
District Chair Jeff Falcon jfalcon@bayhomeandwindo.com
District Commissioner Michael Allison tvcommissioners@gmail.com
District Executive Matt Lindberg matt.lindberg@scouting.org
District Nominating Chair Jeff Biehl  jsbiehl@yahoo.com
District Steering Chair Vacant  
Newsletter Linda Ransom lindamransom@comcast.net
Marketing / Communications Chair Keno Mano kenmano@comcast.net
Activities & Civic Service
Position Name Email
Chair Vacant  
Service Hour Reporting Shannon Carroll mrsshannonpack901@gmail.com
District Volunteer Recognition Dinner Kristine Biehl kmbiehl@yahoo.com
District Pinewood Tune-Up Greg and Terri Dyson terridyson@hotmail.com
Scouting For Food Shannon Durbala shannon.durbala@yahoo.com
Tiger Cub Pumpkin Patch Day Joe Stieber TigerJoeBSA@comcast.net
Tiger Cub Kite Day Jeff Biehl tigercubsafari@yahoo.com
Advancement & Recognition
Position Name Email
Chair Peter Zischka zischkap@hotmail.com
Eagle Coordinator – Livermore Jay Johnson johnson-tveagle@sbcglobal.net
Eagle Coordinator – Pleas., Dublin, Sunol Dean Buchenauer sfbac.tv.eaglescouts@gmail.com
Eagle Boards of Review Jill Zolinger tveagleboard@yahoo.com
District Silver Beaver Nominations Rep

Joe Stieber
Phil Weiss

Cub Scout Advancement Vacant  
Religious Emblems Coordinator Euan Ramsey euan_ramsay@yahoo.co.uk
Camping & Outdoor Activities
Position Name Email
Boy Scout Camping Chair Jeff Orthmann kinns36@aol.com
Order of the Arrow Advisor Melissa Berg kkberg@yahoo.com
Order of the Arrow Village Chief Alex Benedict  
Cub Scout Camping Chair Patrick Markel pmarkel@gmail.com
Webelos Weekend Camp Director Keith Packard keith.packard@comcast.net
Cub Day Camp Director Shannon Carroll mrsshannonpack901@gmail.com
Position Name Email
Chair Mike Lennox mike@lennox.cc
Cub Scout Leader Training    
Boy Scout Leader Training Mike Lennox mike@lennox.cc
Venture Leader Training Mike Lennox mike@lennox.cc
YPT Champion Joyce Fink joyce.fink@sbcglobal.net
Position Name Email
Chair Ed Lyons ed.lyons@hoainsurance.net
Community Director    
FOS Champion Sridhar Ramanathan sridhar@aventigroup.com
Position Name Email

Mike McClung

New Unit Emphasis Vacant  
Cub Scout Recruiting Shawn Dean
Chris Pompilio
Boy Scout Recruiting Vacant  
Venture Recruiting Vacant  
Webelos to Scout Transition Keith Packard  keith.packard@comcast.net

If you are interested in serving on the District Committee please contact Matt Lindberg at: matt.lindberg@scouting.org