District Committee

Position Name Email
District Chair Jeff Falcon jfalcon@bayhomeandwindo.com
District Commissioner Michael Allison tvcommissioners@gmail.com
District Executive Matt Lindberg matt.lindberg@scouting.org
District Nominating Chair Jeff Biehl  jsbiehl@yahoo.com
District Steering Chair Vacant  
Newsletter Linda Ransom lindamransom@comcast.net
Marketing / Communications Chair Keno Mano kenmano@comcast.net
Activities & Civic Service
Position Name Email
Chair Vacant  
Service Hour Reporting Shannon Carroll mrsshannonpack901@gmail.com
District Volunteer Recognition Dinner Kristine Biehl kmbiehl@yahoo.com
District Pinewood Tune-Up Greg and Terri Dyson terridyson@hotmail.com
Scouting For Food Shannon Durbala shannon.durbala@yahoo.com
Tiger Cub Pumpkin Patch Day Joe Stieber TigerJoeBSA@comcast.net
Tiger Cub Kite Day Jeff Biehl tigercubsafari@yahoo.com
Advancement & Recognition
Position Name Email
Chair Peter Zischka zischkap@hotmail.com
Eagle Coordinator – Livermore Jay Johnson johnson-tveagle@sbcglobal.net
Eagle Coordinator – Pleas., Dublin, Sunol Dean Buchenauer sfbac.tv.eaglescouts@gmail.com
Eagle Boards of Review Jill Zolinger tveagleboard@yahoo.com
District Silver Beaver Nominations Rep

Joe Stieber
Phil Weiss

Cub Scout Advancement Vacant  
Religious Emblems Coordinator Euan Ramsey euan_ramsay@yahoo.co.uk
Camping & Outdoor Activities
Position Name Email
Boy Scout Camping Chair Jeff Orthmann kinns36@aol.com
Order of the Arrow Advisor Melissa Berg kkberg@yahoo.com
Order of the Arrow Village Chief Alex Benedict  
Cub Scout Camping Chair Patrick Markel pmarkel@gmail.com
Webelos Weekend Camp Director Keith Packard keith.packard@comcast.net
Cub Day Camp Director Shannon Carroll mrsshannonpack901@gmail.com
Position Name Email
Chair Mike Lennox mike@lennox.cc
Cub Scout Leader Training    
Boy Scout Leader Training Mike Lennox mike@lennox.cc
Venture Leader Training Mike Lennox mike@lennox.cc
YPT Champion Joyce Fink joyce.fink@sbcglobal.net
Position Name Email
Chair Vacant  
Community Director    
PAIA Champion Sridhar Ramanathan t924treasurer@gmail.com
Position Name Email
Chair Jodi Benedict  tvscoutrecruiting@gmail.com
New Unit Emphasis Vacant  
Cub Scout Recruiting Shawn Dean
Chris Pompilio
Boy Scout Recruiting Vacant  
Venture Recruiting Vacant  
Webelos to Scout Transition Keith Packard  keith.packard@comcast.net

If you are interested in serving on the District Committee please contact Matt Lindberg at: matt.lindberg@scouting.org