2019 District Awards

Lion Guide Vicente Correa (P915)
Tiger Cub Den Leader Sarinder Virk (P930)
Wolf Cub Den Leader Aga Egan (P969)
Bear Cub Den Leader Amy Lawrence (P930)
Webelos Den Leader Greg Sandford (P915)
Arrow of Light Den Leader Leo Lopz (P969) and Jose Rodriguez (P915)
Cubmaster Tom Dozier (P929)
Pack Committee Chairman Steve Dady (P969)
Scoutmaster Kevin Hunt (T905)
Assistant Scoutmaster (Rookie) Paul Jones (T905)
Assistant Scoutmaster Kirk Gottschalk (T941)
Troop Committee Member Kim Guggiana (P924)
Troop Committee Member (Rookie) Nancy McMillin (T941)
Troop Committee Chairman Joey Cruz (T924)
Post Advisor Rich Trovao
Asst District CommissionerLinda Ransom
Commissioner Dean Buchaneauer
Chartered Organization VFW Post 6298
Chartered Org Rep Laura Gan (P930)
Outstanding District Scouter Shannon Carroll
District Committee Member Ken Mano
Twin Valley District Lifetime Acheivement Award City of Livermore – John Marchand
Unsung Hero Sue Dady (P969)
Sarah Kiyio (P901)
Arden “Chip” Anderson (P916)
Jen Barton (P915)
Dorinda Chen (T941)
Karin Jensen (P941)
Kathy Bolton (T905)
Dan Register (T905)
Mark Lander (T905)
Moon Rhee (T924)
Jack Howard (P914)
Steve Price (P901)
Spark Plug Mike Meeker (P915)
Elaine Moal (T941)
Samantha Russell (P910)
Jeff Carnes (T924)
Scouting Family Fink (P943)
Dady (P969)
Bean (T908)
Goebel (P916)
Shipps (T905)
Massey (P915)
Donnelly (T941)
Bajaj (P910)
Bolton (T905)